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About South Orange and Maplewood

Maplewood Town Hall

South Orange Train Station

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The towns of Maplewood and South Orange, located in Essex County and known as SOMA to many, pride themselves on being diverse and family-friendly communities. Maplewood Township is 4 square miles and has a population of 23,867; South Orange IS 2.86 square miles and has a population of 16,198.

Together, the towns share a school district that features one public high school, Columbia High School, which serves about 2,000 students, plus two middle schools and six elementary schools.

The small town atmosphere is what attracts people to Maplewood and South Orange along with its proximity to Manhattan (30 minutes by train) and its natural beauty. Surrounded by the South Mountain reservation, the towns are home to thriving downtowns, beautiful parks, housing in a variety of architectural styles, a vibrant arts community, and many cultural and social activities. South Orange is known as one of the few communities to retain its gas light illumination.

The Township of Maplewood operates under the Township Committee form of New Jersey municipal government, in which the five members are elected at-large to staggered three year terms. At an annual reorganization meeting, the Township Committee selects one of its members to serve as Mayor for a one year term, and another to serve as Deputy Mayor. The Township of South Orange Village's governing body is comprised of an elected Board of Trustees consisting of six elected Trustees and an elected Village President, all seven of whom serve four-year terms. Three Trustees are elected biennially.



Population: 25,684

Males: 48.4%

Females: 51.6%

Median resident age: 39.6 years

Average household income in 2019: $182,628

Estimated median home value in 2019: $722,108


South Orange

Population: 18,484

Males: 47.3%

Females: 52.7%

Median resident age: 34.3 years

Average household income in 2019: $197,580

Estimated median home value in 2019: $748,491

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